New decor for this high-end boutique


Clusier is a high-end menswear boutique, in Old Montreal. The boutique set foot in the space 10 years ago and the design needed a serious revamping. The boutique was also changing their branding at the same time and redesigning the customer experience. Our design had to enhance that new experience.

Photo credit : Francis Pelletier

Our challenge showed up in a space that is very long and narrow; a new section was added in the back, giving an even longer space. We needed to define specific zones to house the different collection as well as create a VIP section for the bespoke section.

We designed the space with a specific sequence going in the space; casual menswear and shoes in the front, business attire, then bespoke section in the far back. As we go further in the space, the materials and colors get warmer and richer. A very large copper finish wall welcomes the customer inside and serves as a nice backdrop to present the current collection. Different workstations are spread out to make sure any customer would have quick access to personalize help. Terrazzo, wood chevron, rich quartz, copper and velvet were used to make sure the products would be enhanced while supporting a classic and modern look and feel to the space.

Menswear Boutique description