EXP Global
New Inspiring Corporate Spaces


EXP Global wanted to rethink their workplace strategy to better reflect actual needs and also their dynamic place in their industry. The space needed to enhance collaboration between employee as well as boost the culture and attract the best talents. They decided to use their new Vaudreuil-Dorion office as a pilot project.

Photo Credit : Orphisme Photographie

The challenge resided in different aspects of design. First, making sure everybody would enjoy the daylight. Then create a good balance between spaces for the different activities: concentrated work, collaboration, formal and informal meeting, relaxation, etc. Finally, analyzing the actual and future needs of the employees to create a furniture standard that would stand the test of time and be adaptive.

In the end, the space looks very contemporary, luminous and inviting. Employees enjoy the different zones in the office and are happy with the big change in their everyday environment. And people from their other offices can’t wait to get their remodeling!

EXP Global
Corporate Design description