HPDG associés inc.
Inviting New Environment for HPDG Experts in Real Estate


HPDG needed a new office space to welcome their team, that grew after a merger with another company. They chose an unusual space, in an industrial building, hoping to get a dynamic and unique ambiance in the space.

Photo credit : Orphisme Photographie

The space had 2 different zones; one with a very high double height ceiling; and one with a darker low ceiling. We decided to create to distinct zones and ambiance. The industrial look and raw aspect of the building was kept to enhance the real estate industry HPDG works in.

We designed the space in order to maximize the natural light throughout the space; including lots of glass panes, light colors, appropriate lighting solutions. The final result is a vibrant and smooth space to work in!

HPDG associés inc.
Corporate Design description