A New Exhibit to Celebrate 35 Years.


Pharmascience had a great story to be shared to employees and partners; years filled up with stepping stones, anecdotes and implications. The company decided that their 35th anniversary was a good pretext to create a small museum to rekindle employee’s engagement and pride in this family adventure.

Photo Credit : Louis Prud’Homme

The first challenge was to choose what artifacts was going to thread the story; there was so many collected throughout the years. Then selecting the right space to house the permanent exhibit in their head office, where there is also a large lab section.

The exhibit design we created is a flexible one allowing to adjust the content to the display, as time will pass. A digital section was also created to present the rest of the collection, as it was too large to be presented all at once. The atrium, a space where everyone transit during the day, is now a vibrant space where you can enrich your knowledge of the company’s history.

Exhibit description