Spectacular product presentation


Vortex is a fast growing company, in search of new markets to offer their products. Our mandate was to create a new vision of their trade show booth for their promotional tour. They wished for a booth that featured their marketing vision as well as the quality of their products.


The challenge was to find a way to showcase their biggest products, while optimizing the area and leave space for casual business meetings. Their position in the industry is growing; it was necessary to find a way to catch the visitors’ attention.

The space we designed was structured around a big wall, assembled with the client slides. This element brings an important focal point and attracts the eye of the visitor; it invites the visitor to come in and to discover the other products; to sit down in the informal spaces in order to discuss their needs. They won a “Best of Show” award for the design of the booth.

Photo credit : George Long

Exhibition booth description