Well-presented products in an inviting space


Vortex is a fast growing company, in search of new markets to offer their products. Our mandate was to create a new vision of their trade show booth for their promotional tour. They wished for a booth that featured their marketing vision as well as the quality of their products.

Photo credit : Cy Cyr

For this booth, the customer wished to have a large video display to present a new line of products to be launched. It was necessary to find various manners to integrate visual displays while keeping an open and inviting space.

A very large screen made of LED video tiles was placed as a major element of attraction in the booth. Stations with virtual reality were also used to present one of their new products. Also, we installed 2 large touch-screens tables that allow business meetings and present online other line of products. With all the informal spaces of meetings and various real products; we can say that this space was well optimized to spark the interest of the visitor.

Exhibition booth description