Are you WELL ?

The WELLTM certification is becoming an important part of the employee experience an organization can offer. Caring for your people is a very attractive factor!

The WELL™ certification makes sure that humans evolving in a building keep their energy level high by taking care of them all day long. We spend more than 90% of our days inside; it is critical that we can recharge along the day.
The WELL™ certification is based on 10 interconnected principles. All of them have been developed by specialists in order to optimize the physical and mental health of everyone.

Organizations that have adopted WELL™ show a high level of satisfaction, from user perspective (comfort and benefits), organization (productivity and profitability) and building owner (added-value on the property).

As a Certified WELL AP ™ professional, Trafic can guide you in the certification process.

Learn more about the principles of WELL™.

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“ Your contribution to the modernization of our Head Office and our Laval office was remarkable without question. You have succeeded in creating an atmosphere welcoming and modern, to the benefit of our clients and employees.”

Ginette Paquin, Vice-president, Communications & Marketing