ACCEO Solutions inc.
Stand Out Design in The Retail Market


Acceo Solutions provides business solutions to many different industries. For the NRF show, an important annual gathering in the commerce industry, in New York City, Acceo wanted to present 2 different solutions to 2 different crowds. But they also wanted to send an image of a unified company.

Photo credit : James Leynse

Their branding being very rich and dynamic, we had a good base to work from. We had to define clear display and meeting zones for each division as well as a common area for general meetings.

We chose to create a series of alcoves, that created a stack of blocks, each with their own purpose and ambiance. The graphic design helped to enrich and display the appropriate message. The booth is completely modular and can be reconfigured in many other ways. A dynamic solution, for a dynamic company!

ACCEO Solutions inc.
Commercial Booth description