A brand that stands out!


Ranger Design is a very important player in their industry. They made an important review of their brand and were ready now for a new trade show booth that better reflect their new corporate image and create a remarkable customer experience that matches their quality of service.


The challenge of this project was to realize a large-sized booth (6400 square foot) by creating a really strong visual impact, but without building an enormous structure, due to large number of vehicles that were included in the layout. It was also necessary to fit out the space to create room for meetings where the customer could feel comfortable and where the relation could grow.

We opted for creating large ceiling canopies, installed on big airy structures; sporting the company colors. We used graphics surfaces and colors, in order to create strong focal points. Also, we presented differently the client’s product by creating a very high totem. Strong lines, fluid spaces, combined with a clear viewpoints created a space that stands out!

Photo credit : Zach Dobson

Exhibition booth description