FDP _ Wealth Management
A chic and contemporary space


FDP wished to create a client center in Montreal, separate from its head office, to better serve their clients. The new space had to present the new branding and show an image more modern and sleek; to appeal to their client base.

That space had to be divided in two sections; one for the management team and one for the client’s service. The management section had to be secured and the client section had to be open an inviting; and house a number of meeting spaces and a lot of closed offices in order for the advisors to meet their client in a quiet and discreet setting.

The space design had to be of a very good quality and show great attention to details. As the space would be distributed along side of a long corridor, we made sure it was arm and luminous. Textures and finishes have a unique beauty and character. The reception area was designed with the intention to convey a reassuring effect when entering the space.

Crédit photo : Maxime Brouillet

FDP _ Wealth Management
Office design description