Librairies Boyer
A Cozy and Warm New Design to Read


Librairies Boyer is a bookstore and gift shop family business with 5 locations in the greater Montreal area. The clients had an opportunity to get a new and large space in St-Constant, but a big challenge was facing us: we had to be ready for the fall season, 10 weeks later. But a second challenge was very present: reinventing the space and design to meet the younger demographics of the neighborhood.

Photo Credit : Orphisme Photographie

The development in which the bookstore was going into had specific guidelines we had to respect to meet the development’s branding on top of the specific needs to run an efficient bookstore and gift shop.

We created a layout that permitted a clear understanding of the space as the customer would go inside; each zone with a specific design and the general view allowing to know where to find what we came looking for. A color palette was developed in order to enhance the different products displayed while creating a strong identity. While every display remains quite simple; there is a lot going on in the space!

Librairies Boyer
Commercial Design for A Book Store description