Bold and playful booth.


Vortex is  undergoing a strong growth, entering new markets and developing a lot of new cool products. The company has made a strong change in their branding and the way it presents itself. Colors are bold; tone of voice is playful and audacious…like their products.

Crédit photo : Cy Cyr

Through the creation of this new booth, our mandate was to bring to light the innovative brand and making sure they were going to be seen as unique. The booth does have to adat to different markets and products and solutions to be presented; even going to Asia and Europe. Flexibility was key.

Getting inspiration from the logo, the curves and bold colors; we put the emphasis on the playful tone and the display of products. Also creating a unique design that would set them apart from the competition. We created a portfolio of modules, to be assembled and positioned in a modular way; very flexible from show to show.

Exhibition booth description